15-year-old had sex with 40 men!

15-year-old had sex with 40 men!

It can be shocking and troubling to hear that a 15-year-old girl has had sex with 40 men she met on the internet. But it seems the young girls’ moral barriers have relaxed enough like escorts.

Unsafe and demanding boys’ attention, according to the BBC, Becky was just 15 when she started dating strangers she had met online for sex. Not only is her story not uncommon, but her progress and sex education through the internet is becoming increasingly common among girls of her age.

Alone in a hotel room with a man who had met for the first time half an hour earlier, he knew it was too late to make it back. For six months the 15-year-old was chatting online with “Stuart” whom he had met on a dating site.

How did sex with the 15-year-old start?

As part of his online flirting, 24-year-old Stuart complimented her and asked her to send him sexy photos. Desperate for her acceptance, she obeyed.

When he paid the train ticket for Becky to travel 200 miles and meet him, it was obvious that he was expecting to have sex. And though she didn’t want to, she went.

“We’ve been talking for a couple of months and we’re sending sex messages. Even though it looked silly, real sex seemed like the next step, “Becky recounts. “But when I saw him my first thought was God, it doesn’t look like his picture at all! ʼ He wasn’t handsome and looked older than 40 years old. But we went straight to the hotel XXX and had sex. I was nervous but it was over quickly. After paying for the room, we were greeted at the station and never to be seen again. I was crying on the return train because I felt disgusted with myself. My mom thought I was at a friend’s house while I was away. ”

Maybe after such an experience one would expect Becky to stay away from dating sites, but that didn’t happen. She liked the beautiful conversations and compliments she heard when she did online sex favours, and all this was just the beginning of a 5-year internship, having sex with strangers she met online.

Interestingly, there is no element of margin in Becky’s life. She comes from a good home, she was a good schoolgirl. This day. During the night he went to seven different dating sites, exchanging sex messages and doing strip tees or cyber-sex. Like many parents, her family had no idea how she was spending her time online.

In spite of the obvious dangers, Becky met forty men, strangers, teenagers, and married forties, from the age of 15 to 20, with whom she had sex.

“We went to cheap hotels or somewhere by car and had sex there. The men always had the upper hand, obviously they had seen a lot of porn and they asked me to do things they had seen in movies. Sex was miserable, I was never asked if I liked it and I never saw them again. I felt humiliated but at the same time I was addicted to the excitement and attention I received, “she says.

Becky chose to talk openly about what was happening because she discovered something very unexpected: when she told her friends about the mistakes she had made, she discovered that she was not the only one who had gone to bed with strangers she had met online!

Researchers at the University of Plymouth have found that a whole generation of girls and young women whose knowledge and attitudes toward sex are mediated – and distorted – by new technologies. Researchers have found that one in ten young people aged 16-24 has used the internet to have sex one night. Half of the respondents (!) Had sex in front of a webcam, while 40% of the 11-18 age group said they knew of sexting friends – sending sexually explicit messages and photos via mobile phones.

Stop thinking you are a porn star

Luckily the bags have no copyright, because with so much duplication some men would have to pay dearly.

Now finding a hardcore video on the internet is as difficult as finding chewing gum in a kiosk. Even those who have never taken the lower and do not know how to memorize it in English (memorandum, by the way), are quite familiar with the terms deep throat, facial, anal, cream-pie etc, even considering all the above are standard, things, as expected in their sexual encounters as the bad guy dies in the end in action movies.

And as YouPorn grows older, kids grow older, men who are ready to portray from their very first time with a new partner what happened the night before on their 15-inch screen.

To avoid misunderstanding: the same mimicry behaviour is observed in women. A little bit more exposure to porn movies, and Gina from Galachi turns into a Jeena Jameson – sometimes a successful version and others in her graphic caricature. But let’s leave Gina. Now is the time to deal with you like a greek escort.

Lights, camera, let’s go

Pornstars or Athens escorts usually respond to the first sexual encounters, where they feel they have to give an excellent performance in order to impress and follow more. She unconsciously copies the program flow of the play and frames-by-frames the scenes recorded in her throat after years of watching inappropriate minors. The pornstar – monkey strips the girl. She plays a little with her chest, so as not to rush into the rooftop.

Then it goes down low. She makes some incomprehensible shapes with her tongue and some flexibility exercises on her fingers, which no real pleasure offers to the girl, but as well as she has to play her part, she moans with pleasure. The porn monkey now seeks revenge and drives the girl to the area in question.

A few words about the area in question: it should not look like the Amazon, but the porn monkey reaches the edges with a razor sharp edge. The sheer lack of hair makes the penis look bigger (and writes well on camera), reminding us of the 11-year-old cousin we accidentally saw naked one summer in Athens. No one wants to retrieve this traumatic memory during sex.

The dastardly partner of the pornstar – monkey now gives her own fight, while he watches her with her head bowed and making a ridiculous slant. At the same time she whispers some pleasant, encouraging clichés that never hurt anyone, but don’t even claim the Original Screenplay Oscar.

Long version, extras and deleted scenes

And then the basic plot begins. We can’t know exactly what men were having sex in the pre-teens era, but most likely, when they managed to throw a woman to bed, she didn’t mind trying 12 different postures with him. From top to bottom, diagonally , on the side, with a tilt of 62 degrees, with one foot on the neck and one hand on the tibia and other poses ambiguities that are essentially no extras, they are photogenic.

The standard version was simple, good, animal sex (have you ever seen koalas try new postures?) And kept all the above for the deluxe edition, when the couple was now full of basics and wanted to enhance their sex menu.

Today’s stallions order a whole list: appetizers, companions, main course dishes and a variety of four (including spanking, hair pulling and repeated back door breach attempts). All of which, if done spontaneously at the right time, can send a woman into a sexual paradise, crammed into a single early session is too much, it looks sophisticated, theatrical, like a show to an invisible viewer.

This show naturally draws much more than normal sexual encounters, which we all know about as long as Star ads (3 to 7 minutes according to official surveys). But no, the porn monkey wants to prove that, like his movie counterparts, he keeps going, and so a sex that with a little editing could be quite satisfying to be destroyed by prolonged repetition and the partner to pray for the finale.

Finally: end titles

At some point comes the grand finale: unlike his ancestors, the porn monkey considers the interior of a woman the least attractive place to complete his epic (with a condom, always). Well trained by the hundreds of hotshots he has watched, he prefers to attempt an awkward last-minute salt marsh, risking to interrupt the sacred moment of his orgasm in order to see the effects of his hard work on his partner’s face or chest.

As long as the porn star does what she knows best for years, her role is to wait stoically down, like a human porn star, and not just get terrified expression (for anyone who doesn’t know, semen in the eyes It hurts but with a bunch of joy and anticipation, as if from time to time the instrument will launch a warm Nutella.

Unconsciously or fully conscious, we all at some point pretend to be something we were not. Something we believe will please and impress the man who had the good fortune to have sex with us. And it’s not necessary that the man who copies adult films does bad sex – just less authentic and spontaneous. If you are a porn star – monkey, don’t worry. Keep visiting your favourite xxx sites. Keep getting kinky ideas. But when it comes time to become a protagonist, remember that the only guy you have to copy is your best self.

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