What fashion trends from 2019 should leave behind?

We took a time machine back to the ’90s this past year. 2019 was all about animal print, mom jeans, biker shorts, statement sneakers and more. And don’t even get us started on beauty. Truthfully, we liked a lot of the new trends – gynaikeia royxa this year, but some things are better left in the past. Trends come and go, so we’re here to tell you which ones need to stay in this current decade. After all, we’re at ’20s, so it’s about time we change things up. Because it’s never too early to start overhauling your wardrobe for the year ahead, we’ve rounded up the fashion trends from the last decade that need to be left behind once 2020 begins.


Curating a wardrobe that’s ethically minded is a no brainier. And with luxury brand after luxury brand – including the likes of Gucci, Chanel, Coach and Prada – making moves to ban fur, we’ve decided we all need to follow suit, stat.

Chunky Sneakers

Yep, we’re looking at you, Fila! Chunky dad sneakers are a classic staple for the influencers of today. Yes, they make them look pretty neat in pics, but when us normal people walk out in public, we look like fish out of water. It’s so unflattering. We beg you to ditch yours for the new decade. Instead, opt for calf-grazing boots or a classic white tennis shoe.


Blunt Bangs

Oh Selena Gomez, why’d you have to get blunt bangs? They’re just not going to happen. TBH, the only person who can pull them off is our girl Anna Wintour, so let’s leave it to the pro, ladies! It instantly ages you and makes you come across as harsh and domineering. We’re not sure if that’s because the style is solely for the devil in Prada, or something else. Hair stylist Kendall Dorsey whole-heartedly agrees and suggests curtain bangs, as an alternative.

Teeny, Tiny Sunglasses

Rihanna can do no wrong, but we’d still prefer a larger lens. Tiny sunglasses stuck around this year at runway shows and on celebs alike, some more offensive than others, all seemingly ineffective in providing sun protection. The Kardashians are style icons, but some of their fashion choices are questionable at best. They loved showing off their tiny sunglasses this year, but they need to be left behind. Tiny sunglasses had their moment in the spotlight, but that light has long since faded out. Instead, go for oval shaped glasses!

Low-Rise Jeans

Ugh, low-rise jeans are the actual bane of our existence. They look good on one body type… just one! If you and Bella Hadid share a similar shape, congrats, we give you permission to rock this style. But, for the rest of us in the real world, low-rise jeans are not the look. We need to stick to high-rise denim at all costs! The Cut launched a “countdown” to low-rise jeans at the end of 2018, and in some ways its manifestation came true ― much to the dismay of many a Twitter user. If you ask us, high-rise still reigns supreme.

Bike Shorts

They’re called bike shorts for a reason. To wear when you are biking. Another acceptable use is to prevent chafing under dresses in the summer. Don’t let any Kardashian tell you otherwise. There’s a definite art to mixing and matching casual pieces with more dressy outfit, and in our opinion pairing blazers and heels with bike shorts doesn’t quite cut it. While we’re all for comfort and the athleisure wear trend sticking around in 2020, we’ve got our fashion fingers crossed that lycra bike shorts start making their way back into the gym in 2020.

Distressed Denim

Denim is undoubtedly a wardrobe staple no matter what the season. And the ability to dress up denim to suit the occasion means we find ourselves reaching for our favourite pair of jeans time and time again.

Unfortunately no matter how much we’ve tried to dress up distressed denim with the likes of a sharp suit jacket and killer pair of heels, the look never quite seems to work. In 2020, we’re leaving our ripped and distressed jeans behind in favour of sleeker silhouettes.

Fuzzy Sandals

Pick. A. Lane. They look comfortable, but we have to draw the line somewhere. When are we even supposed to wear these? When it’s hot? When it’s cold? When we’ve already stopped getting pedicures for the season? No thanks.


Teenier, Tiny Purses

Lizzo carried a bag she called “big enough for my f**ks to give” to the American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Nov. 24. An iconic moment, sure, but for us mere mortals, they’re just not practical. Especially as our phones seem to just keep getting bigger and bigger.

Massive Bags

Fashionista editor-in-chief Tyler McCall tweeted it best: “You come on the subway during rush hour in this Moschino bag and we’re gonna fight.” They’re the ultimate carry-all, but for the sake of our backs we’d prefer to leave this one back(pack) in 2019.


Not even remotely close to a new trend, but seemingly unwavering in their popularity, corsets popped up all over the place this year. Our organs are quivering just looking at this photo of Bella Hadid.

Heavy Branding

One particularly egregious aspect of the return of ‘90s style is designers’ affinity for splashing logos all over everything they make. We’ve seen it a ton, from Fendi and Chanel alike, seen here in Kylie Jenner’s two-piece outfit that literally spells it out.

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